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Roofing Company Sandy Springs, GA

There are variety of roofing materials to choose from depending with what best suites your home. The materials used in roofing could either be natural e.g. wood or man-made e.g. asphalt and sheet metals. The following are the most commonly used types of roofing materials today.

  • Asphalt shingles

They are the most popular type of roofing material used because they are very economical and easy to install. Asphalt shingles are available with different colours to choose from as a homeowner. They are resistant to fire although they do not last longer after installation.

  • Metal roofing

Metal roofing materials are available in two types: shingles and panels. They not only last longer compared to asphalt but also are resistant to both wind and fire. You can get metal roofing Sandy Springs in different forms such as Aluminium, steel, Copper and Zinc. The materials are eco-friendly because they are made from recycled materials and still they can be recycled after they are worn out. However, metal roofers are relatively expensive due to their many advantages related to them.
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  • Slate

Though they are brittle and expensive, slate is one of the oldest roofing materials used. The materials are made naturally from slate rock where they are later quarried to make the roofing materials. Among the many benefits of using slate materials in roofing include their resistance to both fire and wind, their durability, attractiveness and being environmentally friendly because they are made naturally from the ground. However, the materials are very heavy and require a reinforced structure to support the weight. In addition to weight, the materials are very expensive to purchase and require skilled pe​rsonnel to install them. CALL US ON (404) 334-5776

  • Synthetic roofing materials

With the advanced technology, there are now synthetic products which are manufactured to give colour, texture and look just like natural roofing materials. The synthetic materials include rubber and plastic which are modified to become strong and easy to maintain. Some of these materials are resistant to fire and they are neither fragile, heavy nor expensive like natural products. One of the shortcoming of using these materials is that some of them can absorb water reducing its quality and lifespan.

  • Clay tiles

Clay tiles are heavy and very brittle making them to break easily when they fall or hit by a hard object. They are made from wet clay burnt in a kiln to have different shapes and designs giving a variety of choices to homeowners. Tiles are excellent in resisting fire since they cannot burn easily like wood. Clay tiles can last long when they are properly installed and maintained over time. The only disadvantages of using clay tiles are high cost of purchasing them and the fact that they require additional framing to support the weight exerted. They are elegant and hence appropriate roofing materials to go for.

  • Wood shingles and shake

Wood shakes are hand made by man and they look rougher in appearance compared to wood shingles which are cut by machines. These materials were very common in the past but with the modern technology, they have become less popular. The materials are very prone to fires and moulds which can weaken them through rotting. They are not used in roofing many homes nowadays because of these shortcomings. roofing contractor Fargo, ND

Choosing the right roofing material to install is a task that should be taken with a lot of care. This is because it imparts greatly on the new look of your home and how much you input into it financially.   CALL US ON (404) 334-5776

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